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How we got there.

Ideas spring from nowhere, these are the best ideas. I could be listening to a song on the radio and one lyric will generate an image in my mind. For example, my latest post on Instagram 👇🏻

I was listening to a Radiohead track. Some lyrics just inspire me. I didn't get this exact image in my head. Instead it began with a sketch 👇🏻

I wanted a straight face. A withdrawn face. I hadn't planned the scene yet, the wine, the people. I just had this face in my mind. After countless sketches I came up with this 👇🏻

Which lead to this 👇🏻

Which eventually lead to the final work. Processes don't happen before you begin. Ideas never end until the final piece is created. A drawing is nothing like a painting. Everything happens as we go along. eventually nothing can continue because the ideas start to run out of gas and announces its completion. In truth, I believe nothing is accidental, ideas are not random but have been tucked away awaiting to be awakened by some trigger in your mind. We have ideas throughout life conjured up by the subconscious that we wasn't even aware of until one day those ideas surface. Until the next idea I'll keep on sketching and looking seeming to music.

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