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Spiritual Reality.

My Work in progress.

I always start from the top of the canvas.

In life I started from the bottom and worked upwards.

Creativity is a spiritual foundation for bringing to life a truth that only the soul speaks.

My soul cry’s out to be heard at times. If I’m not painting I’m being constantly nagged by an unseen force that conjures up guilt within me. If not for that I’d be happily sit creating nothing.

I don’t rate the word “art” as this word collects every creative being and categorises each individual within a box with that one word. There is no known word for this being. Only that they reach deep and find the ingredients to reflect in their own way, the truth.

What is the truth? Our perception of reality which stretches beyond this realm. What is this realm? An illusionary state trapped within reality. What is reality? I’ll let you know when I awaken completely to it. 🙏🏻

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