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Blue Tartan

Why blue tartan?

When we go through life, influenced by events or politics or perhaps what we read in the press etc. We tend to justify our own perspective as correct or there's about. Life is a conundrum of events. A slide show that triggers the mind. My art is made up of those images. Movement or action is merely thousands of images tied together within an infinite slide show. We grab images that freeze in our minds leaving imprints that later on resurface reminding us of past events.

This 👆🏻 was my first photo. I was sitting down, resting after being on my feet for two hours trying to project my ideas onto canvas. The beginnings of a painting is the most difficult time. Creating layers that continually build a richness you don't achieve within the first hour of starting the painting. I'm never happy until I start to see a good solid platform to start working over.

You may see a desperate person, somebody that's at wits end. I visited Inverness in Scotland and came home to paint this after being amongst some of the most beautiful landscape I'd ever seen in my life. I noticed the people there. I really noticed. They were calm, relaxed and peaceful. Living in harmony, happy to be alive. Perhaps this person represents having to leave that land behind and stepping back into the norms of society that I was so use to but no longer 100% satisfied with. After staying in Inverness I now saw dents in my own town, and fabrications. Inverness in most part is how the earth should be looking. Where I live it's mostly man made.

So the finished result was not of a sad desperate person struggling with anxiety. It was of one that had seen what true wonder was only to be thrown back into the reality of society. I look forward to returning to Inverness, an hours flight away only to find your self on planet earth surrounded by mountains and beside the peaceful Loch Ness. No wonder Nessie the prehistoric creature lives there. I would if I was her. It beats swimming around the Thames.

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