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My latest painting entitled “Angels.” was indeed a troublesome image to portray on canvas. I always when working on a new creation have an idea of what I want to put down on canvas and how I want the piece to look. The hardest part is giving the piece feeling, atmosphere and personality.

Everybody has energy. How ever you feel when entering a room full of people is exactly the vibe those people will resonate back to you. You can feel a room full of joy, calm & warmth or the alternative, gloom, negativity and chaos. Imagine walking into an empty room in a gallery only to find a single painting hanging on the wall. That painting controls the vibe, but t floods the room with what ever it is trying to say. You as the viewer take that energy on, inhale it and become it.

So, with this said you can imagine what goes through the artists mind when creating a work of art. I have to create art I feel that will resonate with the viewer in a good way. I like to pick people up and carry them in a calm positive manner. Yeah, some of my paintings have been seen as depressive but I had good reason to create them.

Angels represents the love that each being has, humans and animals and nature posses love. Sometimes a person digs deep to find it but it is the source of their being. Our mind, the judgement that we contain or try to contain can distract us yet from our natural ways that present love to others like oxygen on the earth. This painting represents the birth of love, the freedom of the wandering mind and the intent of our actions. The Soul that yearns to escape the conditioning of the foundations that we grew from. Every work of art is metaphorical.

Placing the colours on this piece help to give the feeling of the subject. If only it was easier to place the correct flow. When life is getting in the way a painting like this takes so much focus. It’s impossible to put down on canvas the hard work it takes to paint something like this. If I did I’d probably create a work of chaotic psychotic confusion. The focus is a tight fine line like a guitar string that constantly needs retuning.

So with this said, please take your time to study this painting. Take it in. Judge not the painting but observe your own feelings as you explore the painting. Give yourself 5 minutes to just be silent as your eyes travel.

Also, have a great weekend!


Acrylic on canvas by Dylan Gill

119.5 x 100 cm

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