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Dylan Gill

Contemporary Artist

Solo Exhibition.
“CUBIST KALEIDOSCOPE: Explorations of the Mind’s Canvas”
September 9th - October 28th
Vin Gallery, Vietnam
35/8 Nguyen Van Dau Street, Ward 6, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Zip 72300

September 22-24
Art Fair Asia Fukuoka
More info:

October 20-23
Art Taipei
Held at Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center

November 17-19
Art Jakarta
event will take place in JIExpo Kemayoran

Welcome to the artistic world of Dylan Gill, a Cubist contemporary artist hailing from the vibrant city of London. Through his unique artistic vision, he delves into the depths of human emotion and the intricacies of the human mind. With each brushstroke, Dylan creates a visual symphony that captures the essence of our shared experiences. His paintings are infused with profound symbolic and metaphorical values, inviting you to embark on a captivating exploration of meaning and interpretation. Join Dylan on this artistic journey as we navigate the complexities of the human condition and celebrate the transformative power of art.

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Artist Bio

All About Dylan Gill

Starting my artistic journey in 2000, the desire to create art that I attained soon became an unyielding obligation to myself to explore the inner mechanism of my creative consciousness. From small sketches to large scale projects, my art is a highly-personal reflection of myself.

I’ve been lucky enough to have participated in many collaborative projects, as well as exhibiting in a solo capacity, which has solidified my reputation in the art world. If you would like to find out more about my process, get in touch.

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Gallery Representation 

Vin Gallery, Vietnam.

The Old Bank Vault, London, UK.

Roth + Taylor Art Gallery.Culver City, ca, USA

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